What We Do

We offer full service auto repair & maintenance

Winterize Your Vehicle! It’s that time of year!

There are some specific things that we need to do to have our vehicle ready for winter. Here are a few of the important items to consider:

Fuel System Services

Check with your service advisor and see when he recommends you get a fuel system cleaning.

Auto Battery Services

70% of batteries don't make it for 4 years

Brake Service

If you hear squealing or grinding when you use the brakes, have your service advisor check them out.

Belt & Radiator Hose Service

Midlands Auto professional technicians are certified to diagnose and repair the issues you may have with your belts or hoses.

Steering – Suspension Services

Your suspension system helps you stay in control when you're on the road.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service

TPMS is no substitute for regularly checking your tire pressure – at least once a month.

Tire Rotation Service

Scheduling a tire rotation is a quick and inexpensive way to maximize the life of your tires.

Front End Alignment

An alignment is a regular maintenance procedure on all cars and trucks

Flat Tire Repair

Whether it is a slow leak, a leaky valve stem or a tire puncture, Midlands Auto has what you need to get safely on the road again.

Auto AC Service

The Midlands Auto A/C Quick Check is designed to quickly determine whether additional diagnostic recommendations are needed

Wheel – Tire Alignment

Midlands Auto suggests having your alignment checked periodically

Auto Engine Diagnostics

Midlands Auto offers complete and comprehensive engine diagnostics and system evaluations

Oil Change Lube

The best way to minimize breakdowns is doing routine Oil Changes

Engine Tune up

A Tuned Engine saves gas and extends the lifetime of your car!

Vehicle damage? We’ll fix it

We specialise in repairing accident damage to vehicles. In fact, we’re the second largest accident damage repair network.

Call: 1-800-123-4567


Our Services

Below are some of the many auto repair services we offer:

  • FREE Loaner Cars
  • FREE Shuttle Service
  • General Auto Repair & Maintenance
  • Transmission Repair & Replacement
  • Manufacturer Recommended Service
  • Brake Repair and Replacement
  • Air Conditioning A/C Repair
  • Tire Repair and Replacement
  • Fuel System Repair
  • Exhaust System Repair
  • Engine Cooling System Maintenance
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Starting and Charging Repair
  • Wheel Alignment
  • CV Axles
  • Computer Diagnostic Testing
  • Vehicle Preventative Maintenance
  • State Emissions Inspection
  • Emission Repair Facility
  • Tune Up
  • Oil Change
  • Brake Job / Brake Service
  • Engine Cooling System Flush & Repair
  • Steering and Suspension Work

Want to Get Quality Car Repair or Maintenance

Find out How Much Cost Services of Car Repair Service


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