Fluid Exchange Services

A number of your vehicle's key functions rely on various fluids to keep them operating smoothly. Maintaining proper levels and replacing depleted fluids is essential to performance and safety. A little known fact - air conditioning condensation is often mistaken for a fluid leak. This is excellent news as the problem you thought you might have had is actually not a problem after all! If you believe the leak you see is more significant than condensation, Midlands Auto offers a bevy of service packages designed to provide the solutions you need.



Fluid Exchange Services Packages

Midlands Auto Fluid Leak Evaluation

There is nothing as unnerving as noticing that pool of fluid in your garage or on your driveway sitting right smack in the middle of your parking spot. Whether your vehicle is leaking motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid or antifreeze/coolant – we have you covered. Trust the experts at Midlands Auto to help you understand what system component in your vehicle is leaking, why it is leaking, and help provide the solutions needed to get you safely back on the road – and leak free!

The Midlands Auto Fluid Leak Evaluation includes:

  • Quality service by a professional Midlands Auto technician
  • Diagnosis of leaking component
  • Recommendations for repair or replacement parts


Premium Engine Flush Service Package

Your vehicle’s engine experiences cycles of freezing and boiling which, over time, causes oil to degrade resulting in a loss of its responsiveness. As this occurs, sludge and other particles build up in your engine. These damaging particles are picked up as your oil circulates, build up and prevent your engine oil from flowing through the system as it should.

An engine flush will clean out these deposits, opening the pathways the engine oil needs to flow through ultimately saving your vehicle from more wear and tear. Without the engine flush, new oil simply picks up these old particles and continues to circulate them through your system. Engine flushes help your vehicle’s engine and components run more efficiently, returning the engine power and fuel economy closer to original performance.


Midlands Auto Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange Service Package

The quality of your transmission fluid has serious impact on your vehicle’s transmission. Over time, contaminants enter your transmission fluid compromising its integrity and potentially causing damage, wear and tear on critical transmission components. Our Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange Service provides your vehicle with a thorough transmission fluid exchange designed to ensure the fluid is running clean and the harmful contaminants are removed from the system. We recommend replacing your transmission filter and fluid as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

Midlands Auto Automatic Transmission Complete Fluid Exchange Service Package with New Filter

Transmission fluid lubricates your vehicle’s transmission ensuring that it sends the necessary power through your vehicle enabling it to properly run. Transmission filters that are dirty, contaminated or clogged will block the flow of transmission fluid to your transmission system, starving it of vital lubricant. Designed to trap these harmful particles, a new transmission filter will ensure a more efficient automatic transmission system. Trust the experts at Midlands Auto to check and exchange your transmission fluid and perform your transmission filter replacement.


Midlands Auto Brake Fluid Exchange Service Package

As time passes, brake fluid becomes contaminated shortening the life of your vehicle’s brake system components. Brake fluid absorbs moisture causing corrosion and eventually the deterioration of the hydraulic parts in your brake system. In addition to the corrosive effect on components, brake fluid contaminated with moisture can cause a soft brake pedal, resulting in a potentially unsafe driving condition. Exchanging your brake fluid as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer will help to reduce the risk associated with contaminated brake fluid and help you avoid expensive brake repairs down the road. Midlands Auto offers a brake fluid exchange package intended to help maintain the integrity of your brake system components with the introduction of new, quality brake fluid.

Midlands Auto Antifreeze/Coolant Drain and Fill Service Package

Our Drain and Fill Service Package is the ideal antifreeze/coolant service for the person who wants to protect their cooling system and prevent damage to vital engine components. This service, designed to help you keep your cool in between antifreeze/coolant system flushes, offers an environmentally friendly drain of your antifreeze/coolant and system refill. We recommend performing a complete antifreeze/coolant system flush in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications.



Midlands Auto Power Steering Flush Service Package

Power steering fluid is the hydraulic component powering your vehicle’s power steering system. Over time power steering fluid can deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to fluctuations in temperature, friction and electrochemical degradation. In addition, harmful abrasives, sludge and varnish build up over time in your power steering system and can be circulated via the fluid. As the quality of your power steering fluid degrades, it can reduce the life of your steering rack and pinion and other power steering components. We recommend performing a complete power steering fluid flush in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications.