Heating and Cooling

Restore the performance of your heating and cooling system. If you are experiencing issues, and are not sure what is wrong, Midlands Auto offers a Comprehensive Coolant System Evaluation. Your vehicle’s ability to properly heat and cool your car is central to your comfort and the comfort of your passengers. Featuring a Comprehensive Coolant System Evaluation  and other service packages designed to restore the performance of your heating and cooling system, Midlands Auto has what you need to keep cool!


Comprehensive Coolant System Evaluation

The radiator is the core of your vehicle’s cooling system. Responsible for reducing the heat generated from the coolant circulating through your vehicle’s cooling system, the radiator must be clean, leak free, filled with coolant and clear of blockages. Coolant that is not maintained becomes acidic over time and degrades the internals of your cooling system. This deterioration results in the structural break-down of hoses, gaskets and belts. Degraded coolant can also lead to premature water pump failure brought on by deteriorated seals. This means the leaky gasket or hose that you fix today might be the weakest of many weak points in your cooling system. Fixing these one-off leaks could just be a short term solution for a much larger problem. The good news is these issues can be avoided by performing coolant flushes at the intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Our Midlands Auto professional technicians are certified to diagnose and repair many components in your cooling system including the radiator, thermostat, water pump, belts and more! Midlands Auto offers a comprehensive Coolant System Evaluation designed to pinpoint any issues that may exist within this complex system and provide solutions.


Midlands Auto Antifreeze/Coolant Drain and Fill Service Package

Designed specifically for the driver who wants to defend their cooling system against damage, our drain and fill service is the package for you. This service package, will help guard your system in between antifreeze/coolant system flushes. Midlands Auto offers an environmentally friendly drain of your antifreeze/coolant and system refill. We recommend performing a complete antifreeze/coolant system flush in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications.


Midlands Auto Complete Coolant Chemical Flush and Exchange Service Package

Engine coolant provides the protection your vehicle needs to maintain its cooling system year round. Many coolants are fabricated with additives designed to protect the system from corrosion while lubricating components and delivering engine efficiency. Our Complete Coolant Chemical Flush and Exchange Service Package will help keep your engine operating at optimal temperatures by evenly dispersing heat through the radiator, prevent rust and corrosion from forming on critical internal parts and reduce the chances of freezing and boil over in extreme weather conditions.

Flushing your coolant levels in the intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer is an essential preventative maintenance measure. Over time, coolant becomes acidic leading to the structural breakdown of cooling system components. Flushing your coolant as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer helps to eliminate the potential for this structural degradation.